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Nexo tilelevel system

Improve finishes and make easy to install ceramics, avoiding lippage.. Facilitates the installation of ceramic rectified, porcelain and large formats; avoiding steps (eyebrows), between pieces. Useful both as ceramic, stone, marble, granite or natural stone.

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Nexo tilelevel system for lippage free

Features Product:

  • Absolutely necessary to install rectified ceramic, porcelain, and large pieces.
  • Prevent lippage
  • Avoid movements between the tiles, due to the mortar set.
  • It is recommended to install pieces from 30x30Cm
  • New version to marble, granite and stone until 30mm
  • Range of use: 3 to 30mm thickness
  • Minimum joint: less 1mm(other versions for 1, 2 and 3mm). Compatible with spreaders.

A good quality ceramic does not guarantee a good finish. Little details make the difference.

As installer, you know how difficult is to install the ceramic perfectly, and do a good job.
You need a perfect even floor and a properly levelling between pieces to avoid little steps.
Due to heavy and large pieces, thin or irregular tiles, or mortar setting, apparently levelled floors turn into uneven surfaces, with little steps and as a result “a poor work”.

That is the main reason we have developed and patented this new levelling system. It helps the installer and work will become easier, quicker and more comfortable.
Time will be reduced, as you do not have to take care of little steps between tiles.
You will get a good finish and an excellent work.

Main characteristics of Nexo Levelling system

Minimum joint and different joints  

Our levelling system allows joints less than 1 mm. There are also available crossheads of 2 or 3 mm. (patented) to get the required joint width.

Anyway if you want another joint width you can use crosses as well.  

Patented breaking lateral system  

Crossheads have a lateral fracture system (patented). This piece is totally flexible but very resistant to traction in the direction or the work.
Once you have finished work (and mortar set), crossheads will break easily its breaking points with a dry tap in the same direction of the joint.

Plier with graduated scale concerning the thickness of the ceramic

This special tool have a scale bar referring to the ceramic thickness (patented). The scale bar allows us to adjust the tool and only make the necessary pressure.
If you want more pressure you can adjust the scale bar one point more. This will not make the crosshead breaks.
The parts of the tool in contact with the tile are made of plastic, to avoid scratching the ceramic.


New on the Nexo anti lippage tool

Stone Crosshead, granite and marble  

Stone crosshead is designed to use when installing granite, stone and marble, between 17 to 30 mm. thicknesses.

This crosshead is stronger than the usual one. When using tiles from 17 till 20 mm. thick, it must be used together with the wedge-base.

Wedge-base Nexo levelling system

This wedge-base allows you to work with a wide range of ceramic thicknesses.

You will use the wedge-base when using ceramics from 3 to 5 mm thin. And also when using ceramics from 17 to 20 mm. thick (with the stone crosshead).

It must be placed in the crosshead and under the wedge. The wedge will rest between two tiles and will have a larger support surface. You will avoid problems with those so thin tiles. When using the wedge-base, remember to add 3mm. to the scale bar pliers.

Calculate how many crossheads you need per square metre.

According to this graphic and depending of the size tile, you can calculate how many crossheads you need per square metre.