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New Technologies

New technologies

Nexoeuroamerica offers in their catalogues ceramic product with decoration InkJet, reaching everyone in designs and trends.

The technology InkJet has alleged a rupture with the systems of decoration traditional. Earlier, illustrated the tile in analog way, through serigraphs, rotogravure or flexografias. The new system could be defined as a 'digital screen' with the most advanced technology, that offers new ways to the art of ceramics.
This pioneer technical has surprised to a market already ripe, and at the same time, means a rupture with the model technological mechanical traditional used in many countries, that already was being obsolete.

Since the early 1990s, Spain began to change the model of decoration on tile. It is a purely artisanal approach to reach a fully digital system, by adding computers to the production line. "Handle the machine from a computer meant a change of mentality in companies that so far worked with screen printing or with rotation systems and colored glaze decoration", says Project Manager.

InKJet machine operation is simple, similar to a home printer, but with the inkjet industry-wide. By that, for their management there is that dominate them programs computer that it control, that to your time offer numerous possibilities for the decoration, thousands of designs, all type of reliefs and diversity of parts.

Kerajet printing equipment is unique in the world and with special characteristics. The machine has 10,000 nozzles that allow decorate any ceramic piece to a maximum speed, combining a variety of up to six different ink colors and eliminate the use of intermediate elements required in the traditional decorative process as color separations, screens and rollers, among others.

Due to its advantages, InKJet printers have not gone unnoticed in the market. Are present practically in all those countries manufacturers of products ceramic. Already in 2007, the Spanish firm served orders in Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, Middle East, Mexico, Italy and Portugal. Two years later, it exported machines to China and United States.

Today, its printers of injection of ink for surface ceramics is found also in United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Jordan, Emirates Arab, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Japan. In this ultimate destination, Kerajet offers control for the Japanese firm Seiko Printec electronics. In fact, this has appointed Kerajet its exclusive external laboratory around the world for the verification of inks.